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Asbestos : denial of justice announced by the way of press articles

A scandal once again! Press release, 15 May, 2013 Association Henri Pézerat, Ban Asbestos France PDF version According the journal « le Canard enchaîné », the investigation chamber of the Appeal Court of Paris should take a shocking decision, on the next 17May, 2013, reversing the indictment of civil servants and other members of the Asbestos Permanent

Amisol – Shame on the French Justice Act!

AMISOL Shame on the French Justice Act Against the Victims of the Worst Asbestos Factory! (download the press release as pdf) February 13, 2012 in Turin, two former asbestos executives, were convicted for their part in the causation of an Italian asbestos disaster and condemned to 16 years in jail.  February 8, 2013, for similar

Ban Asbestos Phenomenon : the Winds of Change

by Laurie Kazan-Allen, International Ban Asbestos Secretariat The shift in the public perception of asbestos from “magic mineral” to “deadly dust” owes much to the mobilization by asbestos victims, ban-asbestos activists, health and safety campaigners, and individuals concerned about the global asbestos death toll. Cognizant of the proven links between asbestos and disease, governments of

Total and subcontracting of work and hazards. Two criminal convictions in 24 hours

Press release, September 25th 2012 The Grande Paroisse company, a subsidiary company 100% owned by Total, and, its ex-director, Serge Biechlin, have been found guilty by the Appeal Court of Toulouse in the AZF catastrophic explosion of September 21st, 2001. The  Cour de cassation [French Supreme Court] confirms the conviction of Total in the Erika