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Based in France, the Henri Pézerat Association (Association Henri Pézerat) was created in 2009. It acts as a network to share experiences and to organize and support social struggles concerning people’s health in relation to their work and the environment. It brings together concerned citizens, employees and former employees in hazardous trades, union representatives, workplace and environmental activists, lawyers, scientists… The Henri Pézerat Association is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. Its full name is « Henri Pézerat Association. Work, health, environment ».

Its president is Annie Thébaud-Mony.

Henri Pézerat (1928-2009) is a scientist who fought tirelessly to support victims of exposure to occupational and environmental hazards, to improve working conditions and to ban toxic products from the workplace. He was convinced that one cannot dissociate knowledge production and campaigning for the health, life, and dignity of all those who have to endure an economic « development » which has no respect for human life.

We will do our best to develop the English page of our website in the next few months. If you wish more information and/or translation of press releases and articles published on this website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Henri Pézerat (1928-2009)